Thursday, 25 October 2007

Driver, test pilot, vague guiding lights?

The Linux Driver Project is taking off a bit, with several hundred people signed up to help. And we have a few companies dipping their toes in. Getting involved in Linux kernel development has accreted some barriers to entry these last few years. It's difficult to find a worthwhile place to start contributing, and the review-and-resubmit process is drawn-out when no-one knows and trusts your judgement and good taste in coding yet. (Your good taste in most other aspects of life is naturally a given, despite occasional innuendos in heated discussions.)

OutOfTreeDrivers and DriversNeeded now collects things to do (and places to go?). Most places I've worked, I eventually end up adding out-of-tree, or even binary-only, drivers to support something someone needs done - which is a big maintenance pain. Collecting them here might inspire a brave soul to start the mainlining, lobby-for-opening, or reverse-engineering (where legal, like here) process.

Do help out. I'm doing my part.

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