Friday, 10 May 2013

htrosbif alpha 5 - years late edition

So, somebody recently reminded me that htrosbif has languished for a while. And that's true, but I've had a bunch of changes pending since alpha 4.

So I got off my ass and packaged an alpha 5. Get it while it's... slightly warmer than Oslo in May.

If you've followed the git repo, you've had most of this for ages. ( git clone )

Wishlist: anyone got a buildroot/openwrt-style build-webserversoftware-and-a-chroot-for-it script? That would speed up testing and signature generation awesomely.

Erik Inge Bolsø (38):
      add monkey sig (insert obvious jokes here)
      xs-httpd added to testsuite. nicely old-school.
      userfriendliness bugfix (slashdot 1z broken! eek!)
      slash fiction
      add continuation tests, split into first/second/third-class tests
      basic first-class matching
      implement overlay test promotion
      fix some more hashref buglets, split classify_test from test run
      fix overlay matching bug if header list was empty
      add more modifiers, for better haproxy matching in strange circumstances
      minor pound detection bugfixes
      relax and prettify our json file handling
      don't overcompensate for lost tests
      varnish matching fixes
      refresh sigs, prettier now
      more json prettifying and relaxation cleanup
      standardize header names - yes, this throws away useful info, I may regret it later
      add fixme while I remember
      varnish=>zope,monkey,bauk quirks
      a bit of overlay debug code
      yes, varnish hides some interesting version-specific lighty bugs
      refresh old-cups & iis sigs
      add get_11_duplicate_contentlength test
      use caller function for debug tracing
      refresh sigs for new test
      one more varnish quirk
      some eccm, and fixed an overlay matching with limited info bug
      improve scoring with limited information
      launch flares, tune overlay detection threshold (hi kwy)
      add comotion-httpd sig (rare!)
      disable countermeasures by default, add --eccm option, add monkey-0.11.1 sig
      lighty 1.4 hasn't changed signature lately
      a random resin sig, and tomcat sigs
      refresh iis sig
      cleanup signatures a bit, preparing for squid
      minor signature generation bugfix - could drop http/0.9 style responses completely
      refresh sigs for latest changes

Kacper Wysocki (1):
      usability: try to autosense the url

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Unbreaking the web with greasemonkey

So, a certain MMO recently managed to turn off their wiki, upgrade their forums and in the process break almost all their links from anywhere. Even intra-forum links broke utterly. And the in-game big friendly Help button.

I'd really not want to responsible for that debacle. Breaking seven years worth of web forum google searches and intralinking is utter insanity from a professional standpoint.

But a ten-minute greasemonkey script can fix that for me personally.

DDO forum fixup

Well done irritating your subscribers, Turbine. Whatever will they think of next...