Monday, 24 September 2007

The Beast Remade: Do What I Mean

WWW::Mechanize is a subclass of LWP::UserAgent. LWP::UserAgent stops at the HTTP layer, and leaves the application to deal with HTML or whatever else the server sends us in its own way. WWW::Mechanize mixes in knowledge of HTML, and checks your HTTP conversations for error messages. (Now you know what the autocheck => 1 parameter in Enter WWW::Mechanize is.) So using WWW::Mechanize feels like scripted use of a browser, which fits my problem. I am trying, after all, to abbreviate user interaction from several mouse clicks per suspected spam to a short command-line interaction.

Intuitive methods like ->tick() for checkboxes, ->click() for buttons and ->select() for radio buttons and listboxes helps me fill out the necessary forms quickly. In my "rm" function, I deal with the spam like this:

foreach my $spamid (@spamid_arr)
$localmech->tick("mailid", $spamid);

From inspection, the relevant checkboxes had "name=mailselected" and "value=" an id number that stayed constant even when the mail queue view changed. Which makes sense, from a robustness perspective.

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